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Free recording: When the drugs don't work: the science behind lifestyle modification

A multimodal approach to osteoarthritis management is widely preached, combining pharmaceuticals, weight management, dietary supplementation, physical therapies and surgery. An often overlooked aspect of management is lifestyle adaptation to minimise further injury and potentially slow the progression of the disease and its impact on the whole body. Consult time is short and workplace pressures are high leaving little room for "fluffy" advice. This webinar removes the "fluff" and replaces it with science giving the attendee the confidence to tackle these game changing conversations within the clinic.

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Dr Jules Benson talks pet health data with Dr Thom Jenkins

Data, big data, AI, machine learning – we’re bombarded with the constant promise of how data will continue to transform pet health and the veterinary industry. Join two data-savvy industry veterinarians as they talk about their understanding of the current state of data in veterinary medicine, what we might expect to see, and the actions we, as an industry and as a profession, must take.

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PetsApp Evening Demo #2

Join us - Tuesday February 2nd - for a PetsApp evening demo. Text Chat | Video Consults | Digital Payments | Appointment Booking | Campaigns & more!

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20 Ways to Supercharge Your Pet Health Plan

Using examples from the most successful practices we’ll share more than twenty ideas you can use to supercharge your Pet Health Plan to create a more profitable, sustainable & fulfilling veterinary practice.

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