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PetsApp Podcast - Vet Your Breasts

In December last year, Anna was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily, thanks to a poster, she found the lump early. Throughout Anna's treatments she has been working on the idea of putting up a poster in every veterinary practice and vet school changing-room in the UK to remind people to check themselves.

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Veterinary Women in Leadership

Win 5 TICKETS to the Veterinary Women in Leadership virtual event! We’re proud to sponsor this event supporting women’s career journeys and strong leadership for the veterinary professions.

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PetsApp Podcast - Feline Patients and Virtual Care

Thom and Ellie discuss how Ellie decided to become a vet, and her journey to partnership at Castle Vets. We look at the challenges of being a clinic owner and a veterinarian, and explore the incredibly successful introduction of virtual care at Castle Vets. Finally, we discuss how virtual care is particularly relevant to our feline patients

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Culture at PetsApp

It should go without saying that PetsApp is a company of animal lovers. But what else do we look for in our people? What can you expect if you join the PetsApp pack?

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Three Rings: The Tyranny of the Telephone

No matter what you’re doing you’ve got three rings to answer it. Three rings or else the pet on the other end of the phone, who might be bleeding out at exactly this moment for all you know, might not get the care they need.

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Making lameness video consults work

The aim of this webinar is to discuss ways of improving the remote consultation process and to outline a system for remote assessment of a lame patient comprising 7 distinct elements.

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Telemedicine: Why Bother?

Before we started building PetsApp, we surveyed over 200 pet owners in order to learn, sure, but more than anything for me it was to challenge the biases and assumptions I had developed as a vet and pet owner myself. 

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Goldilocks Goes Digital

At PetsApp we believe in the strength of the human-animal bond, and we believe that - deployed correctly - technology can help enhance that bond. 

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